Gelato Shop, Broadbeach

Commercial stacking doors

Large commercial stacking doors with 3 panels stacking over the 1 fixed panel giving this Gelato Shop operator two thirds of his shopfront open on the busy hot summer days.

Stacking doors in this situation were ideal as bifolds could not swing out onto the footpath or swing inwards as they would encroach too much on the limited retail space. A large fixed glass shopfront was removed in order to change the shop usage and this refit required specialist floor preparation. Firstly to fill the old holes and then the mixing of a floor level compound so that the pin tracks for the large rolling doors were level. As with all commercial thresholds no more than 15 mm can protrude as a trip hazard so it was critical to prepare the opening prior to the door being installed.

Two large days on site saw this old shopfront transformed to new. A clear anodised silver aluminium finish or coating was used and Lockwood fire rated escape lever fitted in line with Queensland regulatory requirements.