Pellucid is an Australian designed thermally insulated sliding door and window system that allows maximum passage of light through minimal frame. Bring the outdoors in with floor to ceiling glass up to 3m high, unlimited length with just a 20mm visible frame.

Fixed or sliding panels, Pellucid offers a modern streamlined look that is appealing to the eye and admired by architects. Also available in the Pellucid system doors or windows is a high security 12mm locking bolt fully concealed in the handle.


Pellucid glazing systems have been designed by Australians for harsh Australian conditions. Our products are tested and certified in Australia to AS2047 and offer security, energy efficiency, affordability and maximum possible views making Pellucid a first class choice.

Products that look and feel great in architecturally designed masterpieces through to smaller suburban homes, if you want to see more of nature and less window frame, want to cut energy bills or shut out road noise, you need to check out the Pellucid range of products.


Offering options to the level of energy efficiency you require. As energy efficiency is paramount in the world today, Pellucid have taken this to a higher level than most other systems. All Pellucid frames have a 100% thermal break from inside to out. So whether you’re escaping the heat, cold or noise, using a thermally insulated frame with insulated glass takes energy efficiency to the next level & reduces your energy bills.


Options include tinted, patterned, privacy, solar and insulating gases.

A wide range of glazing solutions are available from a simple clear double glazed IGU (Insulated Glazing Unit) to some more interesting options like:

  • Glass coloured tints, patterned or digital printed laminates.
  • Switchable privacy glass that changes from opaque to clear.
  • Low-E, Solar-E coatings & insulating gases for added thermal insulation and even Fire resistant glass.